Solution model design and technical valuation to operate a large Cloud infrastructure

Migrating to a private cloud is particularly popular for organisations that have repeatable workloads,  specific requirements or work in regulated environments.

But to leverage the advantages from moving to a private cloud, a clear RFP with an exhaustive evaluation framework is critical to help determine a partner and process that will deliver on an organisation’s individual demands and expectations.

The Challenge


One of Spain’s insurance leaders for health, property and casualty, with more than a million policies, made the decision to begin migrating services to a private cloud that would help expedite its digital ambitions and transform their legacy systems.

The Approach

BCG Platinion was brought in to design and develop an RFP process that would ensure the client sourced and implemented a solution that would future-proof the business. This included renewing the vision for a more modern IT architecture and the technical valuation for C-level decision making in the setup and operation of the cloud infrastructure.


The provider selection was divided into four phases beginning with a shortlist of providers and technical solutions presented to the client. It included a prioritization of decision variables and a request for a homogeneous offer adjusted to match with the client’s solution model.

With a shortlist of providers selected, BCG Platinion developed and led workshops to clarify their proposed solutions, and collaboratively review technical and economical responses. This allowed the client, in partnership with the BCG Platinion team, to produce a comparative analysis of providers and identify the negotiating levers.


During negotiation, BCG Platinion supported the client with an understanding of the contractual conditions and concluded with its recommendations on a preferred partner.


The Impact

  • 1.

    Developed the technical and operational model and RFP definition for a complex cloud migration

  • 2.

    Analysis and comparative evaluation of the cloud providers proposals

  • 3.

    Recommendations to setup and operate the incoming cloud infrastructure

    Looking at the Future


    Today, the insurer has chosen the best proposal to develop its private cloud, allowing it to have a cutting-edge technical solution operated in the terms that best suits its needs – offering flexibility, cost savings, security, and control benefits.

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