Reimagining recruiting and onboarding in mining

The mining industry has been facing a skills shortage following exponential growth in the production of minerals to meet the rising demand from emerging economies. Other factors such as complex rules and regulations related to visas create further complexities.

The Challenge


As a global organization, talent acquisition teams are distributed across the world, but many of the required roles are not geographically specific, such is the nature of exploration for minerals.


Digitization also presents a challenge. Drones can now perform in-situ scanning, nano-bots have molecular level mining capabilities and deep-sea robots can mine underwater at great depth. But rather than replacing jobs, more roles are being created to manage and maximize the return from new technologies, which means competing for talent from outside of the mining industry.


To bridge the skills gap, our client turned to BCG Platinion to help recruit 7,000 employees, annually, to resource its growth.

The Approach


BCG Platinion re-imagined an end-to-end resourcing and onboarding experience by taking a customer centered and collaborative design approach to increase levels of engagement in a new recruitment model.


It began by comparing the industry’s future demand for talent against the current recruiting  model to ensure both sides of the fence were aligned.


BCG Platinion then re-designed an operating model that supported a new long-term vision, that was broken down with prioritized concepts to address an immediate skills shortage. MVPs were also deployed that included new technologies to automate the selection process from 500,000 applicants each year and reduce the time it takes to fill a vacancy.

The Impact

  • 1.

    56,000 administrative hours saved in recruitment

  • 2.

    Candidates ready and engaged on day 1

  • 3.

    Improved quality of hire

  • 4.

    Optimal gender balance in recruiting

    Looking at the Future


    Mining employers understand that finding the right skills to cope with the future digitization of mining is not going to be easy. But widening the talent pool and modernizing the recruitment model, in the way BCG Platinion has for its client, will impact on the employer brand to support the strategic capabilities and cultural behaviors to outperform competitors.

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