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The Digital Future Is Now

At BCG Platinion, we believe that industry-leading organizations are bionic, successfully combining the capabilities of humans and technology. Paired with BCG’s strategic consultancy, we design, build, and implement the platforms, digital products and IT architectures that transform clients into more autonomous, productive and Agile organizations.

Our team is comprised of over 700 digital, data, and technology experts supporting BCG clients around the world. Working across all industries and sectors, we have delivered over 1,200 projects in the last two years alone, introducing the hallmarks of a bionic company to our clients, empowering them with superior customer experience, efficient data-driven operations and highly innovative teams.



Digital Products & Services

We explore and define a problem and develop ambitious pilots, MVPs and at-scale digital products and services. Those products are grounded in human-centered design, aligned to business strategy and are delivered using an iterative, Agile approach to accelerate time to value. We enable our clients, establishing the right people, processes and technology, to take complete ownership. Furthermore, our team of designers, engineers and product managers work with clients across the entire product lifecycle from finding market fit to building customer journeys to scaling custom software.

Architecture & Platforms

We lay the foundation for technology driven companies through end-to-end and modular transformations. Our teams design value-driven, modern architecture platforms and solutions, delivered against mission critical objectives. We navigate technical considerations to integrate platforms and architecture that are fit-for-purpose, developing, deploying and managing modernization at scale. From IT application landscape maturity assessments to cloud transformation journeys to next generation ERP, our architects, engineers, and solutions experts ensure sustainable transformations based on a digitized core.

Enabling Digital Capabilities

We support digital transformation with specialized teams, equipping our clients with the skills, methodologies and tools they need to deliver better, faster. Our Agile teams provide hands-on coaching, empowering clients to embrace Agile principles, manage large IT programs at scale and transform their tech functions through DevOps; Our cybersecurity specialists deliver resilient strategies and technical solutions that future-proof an organization’s operations against vulnerability through interactive simulations, tools to optimize cyber spend and operating model assessments.

Our Digital Expertise Goes Deep

IT Architecture

We architect and support next generation platforms and solutions, optimizing processes, and overcoming limitations in legacy systems

Agile Coaching

We introduce new ways of working to empower organizations to be more nimble and value focused, achieving faster time to market


We use a human-centered approach to create products that resonate with users and drive engagement, growth, and business results

Enterprise Solutions

We provide an independent view and a value-driven focus to define solutions at-scale and mitigate implementation risk


We deliver comprehensive strategies and solutions by securing assets, streamlining costs and optimizing cyber investments

Software Engineering

Our front-end developers design with expertise in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and other technologies, working with the whole web stack to build value-generating products and services

Smart Automation

We show organizations how to leverage state-of-the-art automation technologies such as AI and RPA at scale to eliminate repetitive chores, save costs and enable a focus on real value creation

Product Management

We bring together business, design, and technology to define, build, and enable digital products throughout the lifecycle

Data Engineering

We build back-end applications encompassing data services, cloud deployment, server-side and server-less architecture and provide expertise in data, application and platform security, scalability and performance

We are Digital Creators, Consultants and Builders

Meet our Team

Our greatest strength is our team. We are a collective of experienced, international, passionate and diverse digital experts always striving for game-changing results.

  • Santeri Kirvelä

    Managing Director
  • Lydia Kizivat

  • Johannes Bücker

  • Julia Wiesermann

    Managing Director
  • Jan Wulff

  • Halley Farrell

    Operations Senior Specialist
    San Francisco
  • Alain Schneuwly

    Managing Director
  • Nora Hocke

    Senior IT Consultant
  • Ivano Ortis

    Managing Director
  • Tomasz Kotecki

  • Rolf Mäurers

    Managing Director
  • Dr. Iana Kouris

    Associate Director
    Munich, Germany
  • Craig Lawton

    Managing Director
  • Mike Stertz

    Manager Recruiting
  • Christina Koefoed

    Senior Recruiting Specialist
  • Wendy Li

    Senior IT Consultant
  • Dr. Christoph Geier

    Managing Director
  • Adena Lin

    Senior Experience Designer
  • Axel Griewel

    Associate Director
  • Francesca Gambacorta

    Senior Recruiting Specialist
  • Christian Gabe

    Managing Director
  • Natasha Peacock

    Business Management Director
  • Catia Quezada

    Senior Designer
  • Joanna Osinska

    Senior IT Consultant
  • Eike Kock

    Managing Director
  • Christina Steinhoff

    Senior IT Consultant
  • Gianfranco Cuscito

    Managing Director
  • Gudrun Voit

    Head of Office Services Germany
  • Daniel Schneider

    Managing Director
  • Jennifer Tipecska

    Senior IT Architect
  • Lukasz Marganski

    Managing Director

    Our Unique Proposition

    • 1.

      We Are One BCG

      We bring business and technology closer together. We combine BCG’s strategic perspectives with our digital know-how to enable full digitalization of the core.

    • 2.

      We Are Vendor Agnostic

      We are completely vendor independent. There is no conflict between our advice on outsourcing and our clients’ business objectives.

    • 3.

      We Go Deep

      We have significant data and digital expertise in every major industry. This specialization positions us to deliver end-to-end transformations that drive valuable outcomes.

    • 4.

      We Support the Full Lifecycle

      Our user-centric approach and iterative processes allow us to rapidly deliver long-term value. We stand ready to support clients through change and uncertainty.

    • 5.

      We Coach And Collaborate

      We approach problems holistically. We work together with clients, shaping and enabling organizations by facilitating culture and processes needed to effectively support their transformations.

      Our Team is a Diverse Collection of Individual Experiences

      With a group of diverse and innovative experts, BCG Platinion understands how to apply the right technology, in the right context, to fix the right problems. Our interdisciplinary team of experts, including IT consultants, architects, designers, Agile coaches, cybersecurity specialists and engineers all work in a collaborative culture to deliver resilient results through bold and practical solutions.

      Our History






      Launch of BCG Platinion

      Launches in Cologne, Germany adding IT architecture expertise to BCG’s existing capabilities. Continues on a strong growth trajectory, opening offices across Central Europe, with a focus on creating customized technical solutions to accelerate value for the world’s leading organizations.


      Introduction of Practice Areas

      To fulfill clients’ specific needs, BCG Platinion introduces industry specializations across Financial Institutions, Consumer Products, Industrial Goods & Automotive, Energy, Insurance, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications.  These serve as the basis for today’s global practice areas – which have grown to include Health Care, Principal Investors & Private Equity, and Public Sector affiliations.

      Since 2014

      Global Expansion

      Building on sustained success in the German market, BCG Platinion expands to North America in 2014, Western Europe in 2016, Asia-Pacific and Australia in 2017, and South America in 2018.  This serves as a springboard to grow to 40+ cities in the coming years.


      Extension of Design Capabilities

      As demand for customer-centric design increases, BCG Platinion acquires MAYA Design in 2017, a Pittsburgh-based digital design and innovation lab, and AllofUs, a London-based design and engineering consultancy, in 2019.  With this expanded footprint, BCG Platinion introduces studio innovation hubs in Berlin, London, Pittsburgh, New York, Dallas and Seattle.



      20 Years of BCG Platinion

      BCG Platinion celebrates its 20th anniversary of solving for the most complex business problems at the intersection of human experience and technology.

      Our Passion for Technology Makes a Difference in the World

      We aim to drive social impact based on what we know best – technology. We collaborate with local, regional, and global organizations in our communities to solve complex IT challenges. Through meaningful partnerships, we help these champions create significant, positive change in the world.


      Our team is at the heart of our social impact initiatives, from streamlining the human resource system of a humanitarian medical organization to supporting fellowships with the World Economic Forum. It is part of our core to leverage our digital expertise as an accelerator for productive change.