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20 years in 2020

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Founded in 2000, we have always been driven by the ambition to excel. With ever-increasing demand for state-of-the-art, end-to-end solutions and cutting-edge technology, we continue to strive for digital transformation and visionary strategies. Looking to the future, our interdisciplinary experts across the globe will remain agile in order to ensure accelerated value delivery to our clients. Going into the next decade, our goal is to make every engagement an extraordinary success and provide first-class, future-proof strategic advice with the help of digital and industry-specific knowledge.


We have achieved a great history together. And I truly believe that this is just the beginning of a great journey.

" Santeri Kirvelä, CEO CEMA

Our History
shapes our future

You can’t look ahead without also looking back. BCG Platinion proudly presents the biggest milestones and major achievements of the past two decades.




  • Interview with Christian Catiello

    Chief Organizational Officer @ Alpitour World


    What do you appreciate about the way BCG Platinion works?

    We chose to leverage an external partner with expertise on managing large transformation programs that are highly complex and very risky. Most appreciated capabilities of BCG Platinion:

    – Soft skills: consultants‘ ability to be empathetic and engage Alpitour’s employees creating a positive and effective working environment. We see BCG Platinion consultants as part of the Alpitour team.

    – Hard skills: project governance, transformation PMO, proactive planning, technology skills and independent views, supporting us to always keep the bar straight, managing a very complex project and maintaining the same rhythm and fast pace throughout project phases


    What characterizes our business relationship?

    Essentially it’s trust. What characterizes the relationship between Alpitour and BCG Platinion is the confidence and the competence/independence of the evaluations with respect to internal constraints and external issues. I know that I can count on the point of view and expertise of BCG Platinion’s resources, both for the project governance and the technical issues. BCG Platinion has also been supportive during the COVID-19 pandemic and some difficult times, and that was also appreciated.


    Which significant milestone or remarkable success stayed in your head and why?

    The most remarkable milestone is always the one that will happen next. However, the project launch was already critical for its success. In fact, the beginning of the project was very important and well conceived and executed, and this has really laid a good foundation for the right start of the transformation. The kick-off event was very exciting and showed how much the company believed in the project and its people. I am sure that there will be important milestones in the near future, when we will put the first results of the transformation into action.

  • Which personal highlight did you experience while working with us?

    With the support of BCG Platinion, we have been able to transfer the importance of the project to all the people involved in the various workstreams. I have experienced the positive tension in moving forward, staying engaged, contributing to an important transformation, and amplifying the need for change. Right now, the project also has the additional value of looking forward and collaborating for our future, which helps our people project themselves and our company in better time for the travel and tourism sector.


    Thank you very much for your time and for answering our questions.


  • Interview with Stefano Donati

    CEO @ H2H Facility Services Spa


    Why did you choose BCG Platinion for the current project?

    Simply because of its link with BCG. I knew people at BCG, people that I trust and that I found really interesting to work with. So choosing BCG Platinion was like choosing BCG. Ultimately, it’s been the right choice.


    What do you appreciate about the way BCG Platinion works?

    I like the professional skills of the people, the wide range of skills that I can count on. And above all, I like the structured way they lead the projects: with accurate planning and with big commitment and a focus on the results.


    What characterizes our business relationship?

    I think that we just trust each other. If you have to transform the business going through very big and complex projects, you really need a trusted partner.



    Thank you very much for your time and for answering our questions.


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    Many BCG Platinion employees have shared their favorite moments and personal highlights from their time with the firm. Since the very beginning, every member of BCG Platinion has always had an active part in creating the company’s identity and defining our success. After all, every individual in our community makes us who we are today!