We go above and beyond what is expected

We don’t stop till we deliver the exceptional


We believe there is a solution for every challenge–And that we will discover and implement that solution with passion, competence, and hard work. We deeply value our close collaboration with clients and are convinced that working together will always help us achieve even more.


Our Core Values as Daily Inspiration

The Highest Quality

There are good reasons for our success. One of them being: we don’t look for the next best solution but for the very best. Until our goal is reached. Or has been exceede.

On-the-Job Passion

As a company that aims to fulfill high-level demands, we value a team that drives projects forward with conviction and passion at all times.

Trust & Responsibility

To help shape our projects effectively, each one takes on responsibility not only for the client, but also for their team members – a mutual trust that we believe is the basis of great work.

Fight for the Best Solution

We consistently challenge one another and give each other feedback. We systematically question conventional approaches and consequently create exceptional solutions.

The Four Principles of Our Consulting Approach

Every client is unique. That’s why we never provide off-the-shelf solutions, but instead develop original, individual concepts. In doing so, we apply our four principles for value-added IT consulting.

1. Setting a Strategic Course

In this age of digitization, fundamental business strategy decisions require setting the optimal course in IT. This is why we develop technical solutions from a strategic perspective – to create long-lasting solutions, even in the most uncertain situations.

2. Extensive IT Expertise

We believe that successful IT architectures and digital solutions only can be devised through a holistic evaluation. Our combination of extensive IT knowledge and an understanding of strategic business requirements enables us to create new insights that advance good decision-making.

3. An Agile Approach to Projects

We are our own worst critics. We embrace uncertainty by working with hypotheses and thinking in terms of scenarios. We make use of tried and tested concepts and always work iteratively, optimizing our proposed solutions step-by-step over the course of the project until the result satisfies our highest quality standards.

4. Global Reach

If you want to provide consulting services to leading global businesses, you cannot have a silo mentality, but instead need to combine local specifics with a global perspective. Where projects of global significance are involved, we believe in interdisciplinary teams that operate internationally. We consequently encourage collaborative working and a corporate culture based on teamwork

We’re Part of
The Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of the world’s leading strategy consulting firms. We are a permanent part of its global knowledge and expert network. We complement BCG offerings with technology expertise and implementation excellence in order to solve business-critical IT challenges. That’s how we create exceptional synergies for success in all our projects.

Join Our Team

We believe that professional and personal growth evolve together. Help us work on projects that set new standards. We will challenge and support you while you develop your ideal career.