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Case Study

TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL: Connected cars

The Challenge

A car manufacturer started a big program to launch its next generation of connected vehicles. But the program got out of control and he is struggling to deliver it on time for the launch of the car

The Process

As this was a massive program, our team started with a framing phase to analyse the root causes of the problems the customer was facing.

Based on this conclusion, two streams were started:

The first stream aimed at accelerating the program so that it could meet its launch date, without changing its foundations. We put in place agile practices by creating small focused balanced teams by connected service, and created shorter feedback loops for the development to happen with less friction. We also generalized the usage of prototyping methods to learn and experiment quickly.

The second stream was broader and was to design with the customer the foundations of a long lasting connected Services platform that will outlive a particular car program and facilitate future service development at scale.

We helped our customer, both on development methodologies and on technical foundations to tackle the big challenges that come with cloud connected cars

Digital Products & Platforms

Modern Architecture

Internet of Things

Agile & DevOps

The results

Technical competencies were brought within the client’s teams to mitigate for heavy outsourcing

Rework of the client’s foundational architecture to create a future proof platform

Focus on short and long term accelerations allowed for immediate deliveries while preparing for the future challenges

Better ways to tackle big program in an agile way: think big, start small, then scale

Laid out a micro service architecture, both on the cloud and on the embedded layers