Software designed to better manage behavioral health


Behavioral health providers understand how digital transformation can deliver benefits for the patient. When practices integrate medical records, behavioral patterns, and pharmaceutical research into one system, clinicians quickly and easily have access to a patient’s complete health record aligned to potential diagnoses.

The Challenge


A major integrated health system, which began a software-based behavioral healthcare company, had 10 years of research data. The company approached BCG Platinion to leverage that data and develop an application that could be monetized in the healthcare market.


At the same time, BCG Platinion was asked to digitize inefficient paper-based processes to increase provider and patient adoption.


The Approach




The development strategy was kicked off by designing wireframes used to capture end-user insights that would inform an MVP and the build of a data architecture to integrate client and customer EMR platforms. In the execution phase, BCG Platinion converted a paper-based system into a digital format with a patient-facing application and desktop solution for providers. Both products were tested with patients and the team worked with behavioral care clinicians to ensure the software’s scientific insight and diagnostic capability was accurate.


The application provided patients with an ability to complete mental health assessments, communicate with a care team, and gain real-time visibility on their care plan. Patients could also triage problems by describing and browsing symptoms to obtain actionable recommendations based on potential diagnoses. And book appointments or assess their bills. Meanwhile, clinicians and support staff could receive immediate assessments and access robust datasets to monitor larger populations and quickly identify high risk individuals for treatment.

The Impact

  • 1.

    Reduced assessments by 2 weeks

  • 2.

    Dramatic improvement in quality of care

  • 3.

    Implementation of computerized cognitive behavioral therapy

  • 4.

    Increased capacity for clinicians to provide care

    Looking at the Future


    Digitizing healthcare has dramatically increased the availability and access for patients to receive the treatment they desperately require, while allowing doctors and therapists to prioritize interventions. The reduction in the costs and the enhancement in efficiencies has been recognized by both the client, its partners and their patients.

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