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Case Study

TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL: Industrial Goods

The Challenge

A leading transportation provider was sourcing data via IoT sensor devices in vehicles and delivering the data at rate that caused stress on existing database and analytics platforms.

The Process

Our team designed and delivered a Minimum Viable Product (“MVP”), analyzing the vehicle telemetry data and providing actionable insights, such as remediation capability and fleet rebalancing. By building a new analytics platform to improve vehicle rebalancing and mileage optimization, we enabled and trained data support teams at the client’s location to ensure smooth operations. We worked directly with the client app development team to educate them on the latest digital platforms and optimize their existing database and analytics platform to absorb data at a faster rate.

Digital Products & Platforms

Human Centered Design

Data & Analytics

Pervasive Computing & IoT

The Results

Client enablement

The client’s data management teams were empowered to own, monitor and maintain the new analytics platform.

Decrease in overage charges

The new analytics platform enabled customer account managers to rebalance the fleet and avoid overage charges on leased vehicles.

Fuel optimization

The new platform analyzed fuel optimization at a per-vehicle level.

Facebook open source software

The client’s app development capabilities were upgraded to include Facebook open source software.