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Case Study

TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL: Mondelez, Oreo Colorfilled

The Challenge

Mondelez—Oreo’s parent company—was looking to launch a new campaign to pilot a direct-to-consumer platform as part of its e-commerce growth initiative. Mondelez came to us as a technology design partner to help combine direct-to-consumer supply chain, on demand digital manufacturing, and customization on a digital platform to create an exciting customer experience for the holiday season. We needed to create an e-commerce strategy that choreographed customer experience and user interface, while bringing together all of Oreo’s supporting creative partners.

The Process

Human-centered design was the driving element throughout the design process, ensuring a business model that was both scalable and results-driven as we designed an end-to-end experience for an uncharted ecommerce consumer journey. We began by evaluating existing IT platforms and information architecture. From these platforms, we built and implemented a custom approach to transfer new data elements and information to fulfillment and manufacturing systems, ultimately enabling users to send custom designs from their computer or mobile device to a digital manufacturing line.

Digital Products & Platforms

Human Centered Design

Enterprise Applications

The Results

First B2C campaign

We helped Mondelez develop and test a new, direct to consumer revenue stream—an area of opportunity Mondelez had never before explored. Our role in Colorfilled helped Mondelez pioneer the direct-to-consumer platform and establish its brand as a fearless industry leader.

Proprietary pioneer

We created proprietary methods for handling order-level attributes for mass personalization of goods including data architecture.