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Case Study

TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL: Offshore Drilling Contractor

The Challenge

A Leading Offshore Drilling Contractor needed to improve efficiency and safety, and reduce unexpected downtime with equipment used on their offshore drilling rigs—ensuring they continued to meet industry regulations and compliance standards.

The Process

Transocean’s innovation team partnered with us to take a systems-design approach to improve the information exchange for equipment used on their rigs, using human-centered design—learning about users and how they understand and operate equipment—in both normal and extreme conditions. In doing so, we found existing interfaces did not provide engineers with the information necessary to understand the operational condition of the machinery.

To close the information gap, we mapped out an information architecture (IA) for the system, defining the most relevant information for supporting effective operations and maintenance. The IA helped us dive into the system and understand the structural design of the shared environment between the user interface (UI) and machinery—the human machine interface (HMI). We incorporated those IA elements into the new system, creating an interface prototype and testing it with subject matter experts and typical users to gain insights from observations and feedback for further iterations.

Human Centered Design

Data & Analytics

Digital Products & Platforms

The Results

The Value of Designing Early

Improved user acceptance and understanding by over 40%.

Media recognition

The work was featured in Drilling Contractor and published “11 Principles to Guide HMI Design for Critical Drilling Equipment”.

Data-driven initiatives

Led to multiple follow on data-driven enhancements of major operators dashboard and data reporting.