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Case Study

CYBERSECURITY: World Economic Forum

The Challenge

The World Economic Forum recognized that while companies continue to pour their cyber investment into technology, the ultimate owners of the business, i.e. the Board and senior executives, remained unprepared on how to respond to a cyber incident.

The Process

The Forum selected our team to co-develop their board tools and to train Boards and senior executives on how to create strategies to effectively respond and recover from a cyber-attack. We developed a Table Top Exercise (TTX) to simulate a cyber-attack and performed the exercise for a Community of Chairmen (44 Chairmen of F500 companies) in partnership with MIT, encouraging participants to brainstorm response strategies. This experiential and interactive simulation gave senior leaders the opportunity to explore concepts in how to manage a cyber incident and deepen their understanding of cyber risk.

Board and C-Suite Security Awareness

The Results

10 Board Principles for cyber resilience

Senior leaders now have a set of principles to evaluate when facing a cyber-attack.

Strengthened understanding of cybersecurity best practices

The simulation emphasized multiple factors to consider when planning a response to a cyber incident.

Actionable questions to consider in cyber response strategy

Each chairman left with a set of key questions to ask senior management on cyber resiliency and cyber response strategy.