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Case Study


The Challenge

A leading insurance company lacked a strong strategy for evolving and dynamic cyber risk and cyber insurance services that also takes into account market uncertainties.

The Process

Our team conducted an exhaustive cyber risk market study to understand the dynamic and immature market. We conducted over 30 interviews with a diverse group of industry stakeholders and deployed a scenario-based workshop approach to imagine the future state of the client’s cyber risk strategy. By developing scenarios and corresponding strategies for how the client would respond to these scenarios, our team created an overarching business strategy, including goals, actions, workstreams, and budgets to enable the client towards a stronger strategic cyber risk and cyber insurance plan of execution.

Enterprise Cyber Strategy

Cyber Vendor Product and Market Strategy

The Results

Client enablement

The client was empowered to take their cyber risk offerings to the next level.

Established tactical no-regret moves

A new cyber risk and cyber insurance plan established strategic ways to move with the changing market.

Identified triggers of market-based events

With a better understanding of the dynamic cyber risk market, the client can anticipate the deployment of specific market moves.