We think differently
to enable and future-proof
client solutions.

We're uniquely poised to empower our clients to build out their digital mindset and the best road ahead.


When our clients struggle to formulate and execute their strategic plans and digital transformations, we help them build the road forward, and fast. Our technology expertise is unrivaled, both for short-term strategy engagements and guiding long-term implementations. First and foremost, we nurture a digital mindset in our clients and empower them to move from their rigid legacy architecture to adaptive, future-proof technology solutions that fully support their digital ambitions.

Furthermore, we also support mission-critical projects such as acquisitions and post-merger integrations that require best-in-class project and program management.


Human-Centered Design

We use an interdisciplinary approach to understand users through ethnography and rapid prototyping to design engaging experiences and solutions.

Digital Products & Platforms

We develop user interfaces, prototypes and MVPs, and build data and digital platforms to enable digital customer experiences and enterprise agility.

Product Leadership

We build and lead product teams to continuously discover, design and deliver breakthrough products that achieve commercial success and create undying fans.

Data & Analytics

We design, engineer and help our clients operationalize data and analytics solutions to rapidly derive new insights.

Pervasive Computing & IoT

We design and build scalable solutions for the hyper-connected world, leveraging IoT platforms and our pervasive computing expertise.

AI & Machine Learning

We help our clients experiment and implement AI, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation solutions to digitize their business processes.

Modern Architecture

We help our clients design and migrate to next generation architectures and modernize their legacy platforms and systems.

Agile / Dev Ops

We change enterprise ways of working and operating models by infusing Agile catalysts, DevOps experts and SDLC automation.

Enterprise Application

We bring expertise in core systems and major vendor solutions across functional domains - including CRM and ERP - and across industries.

Cyber Security

We deliver comprehensive Cyber Security strategies and respective organizational and architecture solutions.

Risk Management

We help financial and non-financial institutions with complex risk modeling and compliance services.


Our work at BCG Platinion is always aligned with our clients' strategic business objectives. We judge solutions by their contribution to the strategy and their long-term effect on the IT architecture. We want to be the trusted advisor and close collaborator of our clients.

Our agile and highly collaborative work with clients is steeped in knowledge-sharing for quick impact on value. We thrive on challenge, and many of our projects involve special demands. These may originate from the exceptional strategic or operational significance of the assignment, from the complexity of the project content, or a tight timeline. We always aim to find the best solution for maximum customer benefit. Through the intelligent interlinking of our skills, we support a diversity of project types for a variety of client challenges.