S/4HANA transformation of a fashion player


Not just forced by SAPs end-of-lifetime announcement of the current ERP suite but also driven by business potentials that might come with a SAP based transformation our client asked us to support him to prepare the planning and start of the transformation

The Challenge


To support the growth of its business and being forced by a “technical must” of the ending maintenance contract of the current 3 SAP ERP core systems, our client asked us 3 key questions to classify their  situation:


1. Why do I have to transform to SAPs new business suite S/4HANA?


2. When do I have to start latest and when is the best time to start the journey?


3. How do I get there?

The Approach

BCG Platinion set about defining a 5-year roadmap including value plateaus to early generate business value and to enable the client to decide when to start the journey. The foundation of our work was built on stakeholder interviews, a review of pain points and former analysis of the client together with SAP to lay the foundation and several workshops throughout a 3 months timeline. The team also worked out and supported the client throughout the complete preparation phase to be able to start with the design phase in 2021. This includes outlining the value potential, defining the operating model for the program, resource calculation including how to fix the gaps, preparing system integrator selection and SAP alignment. With that the client is fully enabled and well prepared to start the transformation in January 2021.


The client is fully enabled and well prepared to start the transformation in January 2021.

" Andreas Krieg, Associate Director

The Impact


We designed the S/4HANA program that will start in January 2021 (current planning) within 6 months.

We enabled the client to start the transformation by focusing on the overall roadmap and how to shape it to build a modern business platform in digestible steps with early value creation. After 8 weeks in the project client COO aimed to start the transformation in January 2021 and focused on making that start possible. Within 2 months all activities have been setup and decisions were made to get everything setup.

Looking to the future


A key role in the program is the “value and progress assurance” team to  ensure a successful transformation journey for the client in time and in budget. This is the role we will apply for and where we can support our client best.