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BCG Platinion

Rolf Mäurers
Managing Director

about rolf

After completing his studies in mechanical engineering, Rolf initially worked as an independent software developer. During this time, he also wrote specialized literature on the topics of Java, cryptography, Internet and Intranet applications, and customer relationship management within the insurance field. He subsequently worked for a medium-sized, Europe-wide software company as the head of development for Java-based CRM applications and later as Director Project Management for the handling of all client projects. Rolf joined BCG Platinion in August 2000. He began his career as IT Manager and was promoted to Director of Technology in 2004, focusing on the development of architecture

concepts, the strategic development of application landscapes with a focus on product selection, and the realization of restructuring projects for R&D departments and software companies. In recent years, Rolf has been responsible for the planning and realization of IT mergers and the optimization of AE processes and application landscapes within the financial services industry. With extensive experience in the insurance sector, he has been head of the Insurance practice area from 2007 until 2017. Since the beginning of 2008, he is a member of the executive team and Managing Director (COO) at BCG Platinion.