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We shape the digital future

For organizations, the digital imperative is a moving target. It’s not enough to simply keep up with today’s challenges. Organizations need to anticipate tomorrow’s digital landscape to maintain competitive advantage. BCG Platinion brings the tech capabilities our clients need to achieve digital excellence. At our core, we are a team of driven problem-solvers fueled by a passionate dedication to set the pace of what’s next.

We unlock potential for
our people and our clients

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    Our mission

    To achieve digital excellence for clients with sustained solutions to the most complex and time-sensitive challenges. We guide clients into the future to push the status quo, overcome tech limitations, and enable our clients to go further in their digital journeys than what has ever been possible in the past.

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    Our vision

    To deliver business value through the innovative use of technology, at a rapid pace. We roll up our sleeves to transform businesses, revolutionize approaches, satisfy customers, and change the game. We balance vision with a pragmatic path to change transforming strategies into leading-edge tech platforms, at scale.

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    Our values

    We are feedback-driven and challenge one another to question conventional approaches to create exceptional solutions. This growth mindset drives our projects forward with conviction and passion. We don’t look for the next best solution – but for the very best. We don’t stop until the job is done.

    Diversity & Inclusion are
    core to our culture

    We are a diverse collection of backgrounds and individual experiences. This tapestry provides the unique expertise required to deliver the best competitive solutions. Our community is tied to our curiosity and flourishes when we share perspectives and embrace differences. We take sincere pride in our work—and people, that’s why we are invested in nurturing all individuals to unlock their potentials.

    In our own words

    • “To work at BCG Platinion means that you will always be challenged, but at the same time you are always surrounded by helpful and experienced colleagues collaborating with you to find the best solution.”


      Julia Häussermann, Consultant

    • “I ensure that the products and services we build are not only innovative and engaging but they meet the needs and demands of the people that use them.”

      Nathan Medford, Senior Strategic Designer

    • “The variety is unlimited. One day I am working on self-driving cars, the next day I work on a blockchain project. That is what I love about working at BCG Platinion.”


      Kwaku Yeboah-Antwi, Lead Engineer

    • “From having amazing co-workers and mentorship opportunities to tackling really challenging client problems and building real products, being a designer at BCG Platinion is a truly unique and transformative experience.”


      Lauren Everett, Senior Strategic Designer

    • “Developing yourself at BCG Platinion means to cope with diverse challenges in terms of project type, industry and clients but always having experts to learn from within your team.”


      Tobias Rückert, Senior Consultant

    • “The best part of my job is to help companies focus on customer needs, empower teams to deliver the better solutions, and help them work together towards a common goal.”

      Carolina De La Rua, Lead Agile Coach

    • “I came to BCG Platinion because I wanted the opportunity to do greater things. I felt that the wide array of opportunities, cases and technologies offered here is unparalleled”


      Samer Najia, Manager
      Washington, D.C.

    • “I work with CXOs to help them solve the most complex issues in their organization and reimagine their business with a digital-first mindset.”


      Jay Bhinde, Associate Director
      New York

    • “There is opportunity to choose your adventure. My cases range from digital transformation in supply chain to leading a pro bono project. My journey has connected me with some truly amazing mentors and colleagues.”


      Vivian Tang, Manager
      Washington, D.C.

    • “We are deep tech experts who are able to think from a business strategy point of view.”

      Pieter Coucke, Associate Director

      Your Career at
      BCG Platinion


      At BCG Platinion, expect attractive career opportunities in a diverse work environment
      alongside motivated colleagues. Working organically across disciplines and across BCG, we offer a unified and unrivaled opportunity that combines strategic thinking with hands-on applications.


      We’re growing our team across the globe. We are looking for smart team players with deep technical expertise.


      Are you ready to shape the digital future?


      It is great to be at the intersection of future thinking and pushing the boundaries of innovation

      Traci, Lead Strategic Designer

      Design openings

      The best part is diving in, using the latest technologies to build a prototype or full product!

      Max, Lead Engineer

      Engineering openings

      At the core, I’m responsible for building the right product and building the product right

      Sarah, Product Principal

      Product openings
      IT Architect

      As a Lead Architect, I empower my clients with cutting edge digital and data technologies

      Firas, Associate Director

      IT Architect openings
      Data Engineer


      As a data engineer, I am impressed by how Platinion is invested in technology and the resources it has in place for the team to grow

      Honey, Data Engineer

      Data Engineer openings

      I have the privilege of working alongside a team of compassionate, supportive, and driven professionals motivated to solve some of the most complex and dynamic issues

      Brian, Senior Consultant

      Cybersecurity openings

      I partner with our clients to unlock business agility with fit-for-purpose Agile practices. We start with accessible new ways of working and clear measures of success to generate early wins and momentum

      Lauren, Agile Coach

      Agile openings
      Enterprise Solutions

      I work with clients to expedite value from their digital investments from standing up a new data platform to consulting on architectural principles

      Harsh, Manager

      Enterprise Solutions openings

      I work to architect the next generation of controls and risk management solutions to address the evolving challenges our clients face

      Eleanny, Managing Director

      Risk openings
      Financial Engineering

      Platinion is a great place to integrate your technical expertise with consulting mindset, and expand your horizons beyond imagination

      Bo, Manager

      Financial Engineering openings

      Welcome to the Group


      BCG is one of the world’s leading strategy consultancies. As an integral part of BCG’s global knowledge and expert network, BCG Platinion supplements the range of services with design thinking, technological know-how, and implementation competence in business-critical IT questions.



      Local anchors.
      Global mobility.

      We have a growing global footprint with offices across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. No matter the city, BCG Platinion will challenge and support you while you develop your ideal career.