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Tight-knit and versatile teams position us to deliver outstanding client solutions.

Our Story

BCG Platinion launched in Germany in 2000 to add deep technical expertise to The Boston Consulting Group's (BCG) existing capabilities. Our presence spans across the globe, with offices in Asia, Europe, and North America. We partner with BCG and identify clients' most critical challenges to create customized technical solutions and accelerate value delivery. We aim to future-proof organizations and generate sustainable solutions, enabling our clients to be resilient regardless of present complexities. Today, BCG Platinion is a key part of BCG’s digital capabilities. Our style is entrepreneurial - nimble and innovative, with multifaceted, cross-functional teams. The advantage is technical expertise and executional excellence.

Headquartered in New York, our North American team started in 2014 and, in 2017, acquired MAYA Design, a Pittsburgh-based digital design and innovation lab. MAYA was founded in 1989 by three Carnegie Mellon University professors on the principal of exploring what’s possible, while designing solutions for real people.  Adopting Raymond Loewy’s philosophy, “Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable”, MAYA helps organizations grow and succeed by solving complex business problems at the intersection of human experience and technology.  Now MAYA brings its excellent reputation and nearly 30 years of digital transformation and human-centered design experience to BCG.

Our family of Digital BCG companies includes BCG Platinion, BCG Platinion MAYA Design, Digital Ventures, and GAMMA. Combined with the leading strategy consulting expertise from BCG, we are building companies for the future with diverse multidisciplinary teams.  We work seamlessly to combine our capabilities with those of our clients to deliver extraordinary results.

Today, BCG Platinion in North America delivers end-to-end results in Digital & Technology, Cybersecurity, and Risk Management & Financial Engineering.

Our Leadership


Craig Lawton

Chief Executive Officer

Craig helps clients transform their technology capabilities to solve the most difficult business...


Anthony Cheong

Chief Operating Officer

Anthony spearheads the operational and talent landscapes at BCG Platinion in North America.


Kara Caesar

Head of People and Talent

Kara is a talent maven who manages the entire Staff Development Life Cycle at BCG Platinion.


Tristan Hoag

Head of Core Tech

Tristan works closely with BCG teams to bring BCG Platinion’s deep experience to large-scale digital...

katie rogers

Katie Rogers

Head of Operations

Katie excels at managing all the unseen complexities of workforce staffing, contracts...


Kristina Brukstus

Head of Finance

Kristina supports BCG Platinion teams in making the best financial decisions for their clients...

michael coden

Michael Coden

Head of Cybersecurity

Michael improves clients’ cyber capabilities with people, process, and technology strategies.


Dutch MacDonald

Director - MAYA Design

Dutch delivers extraordinary digital product and service solutions to BCG teams and clients...


Ernesto Robles

Head of Risk and Financial Engineering

Ernesto leads BCG Platinion’s expertise and experiences in risk management and financial...


Jeff Senn

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff lends his deep expertise to BCG Platinion development teams and clients...


Marc Sterman

Managing Director

Marc is a key member of our Core Technology practice, based in our New York office, and leads...

Thwaites Headshot-B&W

Barbara Thwaites

Managing Director

Barbara brings with her an impressive technology background...


Our Space

We believe the physical environment plays a critical role in fostering innovation, and our space is designed to be an active part of the design process.

A few facts about our space:


The Kiva is our main ideation room.

The circular space of the Kiva® disrupts typical group dynamics by removing the head of the table and the front of the room. Wraparound whiteboards help us stay physically immersed in the information and ideas we’ve generated.


We sit in neighborhoods.

Our desks aren’t arranged by team or project. We sit in open, interdisciplinary neighborhoods where serendipitous interactions create a richer work environment and better outcomes for clients.

tools-updated color-300×161

Our space supports our culture.

Our space helps us accomplish the things we value most: collaboration, ideation, and making stuff. We have prototyping labs for each discipline and dozens of formal and ad hoc collaborative spaces.

We leverage our strong global network, with offices in Asia, Europe, and North America.