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We think differently
to enable and future-proof
client solutions

We're uniquely poised to empower our clients to build out their digital mindset and the best road ahead.

Digital & Technology

Human-Centered Design

We use an interdisciplinary approach to understand users through ethnography and rapid prototyping to design engaging experiences and solutions.

Digital Products & Platforms

We develop user interfaces, prototypes and MVPs, and build data and digital platforms to enable digital customer experiences and enterprise agility.

Product Leadership

We build and lead product teams to continuously discover, design and deliver breakthrough products that achieve commercial success and create undying fans.

Data & Analytics

We design, engineer and help our clients operationalize data and analytics solutions to rapidly derive new insights.

Pervasive Computing & IoT

We design and build scalable solutions for the hyper-connected world, leveraging IoT platforms and our pervasive computing expertise.

AI & Machine Learning

We help our clients experiment and implement AI, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation solutions to digitize their business processes.

Modern Architecture

We help our clients design and migrate to next generation architectures and modernize their legacy platforms and systems.

Agile / Dev Ops

We change enterprise ways of working and operating models by infusing Agile catalysts, DevOps experts and SDLC automation.

Enterprise Application

We bring expertise in core systems and major vendor solutions across functional domains— including CRM and ERP—and across industries.


Board and C-Suite Security Awareness

We explain cyber risks, regulations, recovery, and stakeholder expectations to Boards and Sr. Management.

Culture Assessment and Transformation

We assess and empower employees to bring cyber-culture to the level of safety, ethics, and compliance.

Cyber Maturity and Resilience Assessments

We measure your technology, governance, organization, procedural and strategic capabilities, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

Enterprise Cyber Strategy

We predict quantitative increases in maturity, resilience, and risk reduction, calculating an optimal cyber-strategy integrated into the client’s business strategy.

Incident Response and Business Continuity

We develop Incident Response, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery Plans and practice your team’s execution.

Cyber Vendor Product and Market Strategy

We work with the largest security vendors to help them set their product development.

Cybersecurity Roadmap

We create a high-level roadmap of recommendations to enable secure digital journeys and rapid business growth.

Immersive Table Top Exercises

We bring understanding of cyber risks and strategies to Boards and Senior Management.

Risk Management & Financial Engineering

Regulatory & Compliance

We help clients navigate the evolving regulatory and compliance environment with customized solutions to position them for long-term success.

Financial Risk Management

We develop dynamic financial forecasting tools that incorporate decision analytics and optimization techniques to manage financial risk.

Data, Technology & Analytics

We provide tailored solutions and analytic capabilities to support strategic transformations.

Model Risk Management

We deliver customized modeling solutions including development, validation and related advisory services.