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We believe we have the best of both worlds –tightly-knit interdisciplinary teams of seasoned experts within our BCG Platinion family – coupled with the entire global network of BCG partners, services, data, tools and intelligence. We are: Interdisciplinary Experts. Disruptive. Distinctive. Empowering Clients. And we are hiring at all levels.


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Mike Stertz
Recruiting Manager

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Clients’ toughest challenges are our daily bread.

Our tightly woven network of world-class colleagues with extended BCG family creates a unique experience in comradery, complementary skills, and shared interest to devise elegant solutions to the complexities our clients face. At BGC Platinion, our world-class IT architects and consultants leverage their industry-specific expertise. They operate on-site with our European and international clients, to articulate complex issues and implementable solutions in fast-paced, high-stakes engagements.

A community of seasoned experts, BCG Platinion team members are uniquely positioned within a natural springboard for professional growth and deeper opportunities to excel. We support our multi-talented employees with exceptional personal development benefits. We leverage our BCG family for a wide range of trainings supporting technical and soft skills growth, led by seasoned educators and industry experts.



See our Typical Hiring Process.

  • Each BCG Platinion team member has enormous responsibility towards their clients and their colleagues, so our standards are high for hiring.
  • Selected candidates participate in several assessment rounds.
  • These interviews test your professional and personal skills, and how you’d solve typical cases in our consulting practice.
  • Convince and impress us at every interview, and our offer of employment may soon follow.