Robotic Process Automation by BCG Platinion’s Smart Automation Chapter


Are you ready to leverage the power of robots? Take the next step on your automation journey!


Automation is a cornerstone to boost operational efficiency. And to harness software robots that digitize repetitive tasks, without intruding on existing systems. Rapid implementation of robotics technology at scale leads to improved productivity in months instead of years. BCG Platinion provides battle-proven approaches to exploit full optimization potential across your organization.


Robotics is not just a hype. Organizations around the world are already using it and gain significant improvements.


What is robotic process automation (RPA)?

Many routine processes in organizations require human involvement. That’s often because legacy IT systems do not allow consistent automation without costly adaptions. Robotic Process Automation is a burgeoning technology that can replicate human actions in applications.


The result is faster execution of processes that follow clearly defined rules. Complex changes to your existing backend systems become obsolete. Instant functional automation allows employees to focus on activities creating real value in your organization.

RPA promises great benefits


Execute tasks 3-5x faster


Handle peak workloads flexibly


Complete processes flawlessly

Employee Satisfaction

Relief from least enjoyable tasks


Provides 24×7 service

Reduced Efforts

Facilitate rapid implementation

RPA-Powered Applications

Enable realtime

Automate most tedious
process parts

Bridge gap between systems
without interoperability

Handle peak workloads

Perform quality and
compliance checks

Reduce efforts for required
software customizations

Resolve acute problems
like data migration

Great power is linked to great responsibility. Robotics technology eases the way to develop automated processes. But it comes with many common pitfalls, especially if you plan to scale RPA use cases. It’s a high-profile and complex endeavor to undertake for your organization: Align automation initiatives with strategic objectives, engage employees as a vital part of transformation, and define overarching structures for effective governance.




We help you overcome these challenges along the way

Our team has full robotization capabilities


The network of RPA experts in BCG Platinion combines a strategic view with hands-on experience. In-depth industry know-how allows us to identify replicable use cases with the most significant impact. Expertise in connecting IT legacy to new digital platforms helps to navigate complex architectural environments. With this unique set of skills, we have supported our clients from various industries in their robotics initiatives.

RPA Experts
with years of experience
Supported Industries
wide range of enterprises
Cost Savings
in potential targeted areas

Impact that we achieved for our clients

  • 1.

    Partial automation of HR processes reduced touch time by 85% for oil and gas company

  • 2.

    End-to-end automation of selected backend processes for industrial goods company

  • 3.

    Identification of ~40 use cases for energy company with over 2 million euro of potential savings

  • 4.

    Setup of RPA Center of Excellence for construction company achieving savings after 2 months

  • 5.

    Full-scale RPA-rollout for large banking company with 30-40% cost reduction on average for implemented processes

  • 6.

    Reduction of migration efforts by >10.000 labor-days at a large insurance company

    Our toolkit for RPA@Scale

    We bundled all insights and best-practices from our experience to facilitate an effective use and broad scale of Robotics Process Automation in your organization. You can learn more about some of our existing tools for RPA@scale below.

    Automation beyond RPA

    Software robots are a great tool to interact with existing legacy IT systems using their standard interfaces without modification. But they are constrained to follow the rules strictly and cannot solve problems independently. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) enters the picture with its ability to learn from experience. Process mining tools also allow us to gain a deep a deep understanding of complex processes to spot further optimization opportunities. We help you to combine multiple of these emerging technologies in a holistic platform to reach the next automation level.

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