BCG Platinion Strategic Design


AI has become a real design challenge

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are becoming more and more commonplace.


While the opportunities for AI solutions across almost all application domains are enormous, their design can create additional challenges. As most end users have difficulties comprehending AI in all its aspects, there is a potential limit their operationalization.


New AI initiatives need to adopt a user-centered approach by creating trust, fostering the understanding of capabilities and limitations, as well ensuring transparency and an openness for feedback.


The issue businesses are facing is often referred to as the “black-box problem”. End users lack understanding of specific workings of a complex AI solution, leading to questions such as “Why did you do this?”, “Why is this the result?” or “Why is this and not that the conclusion?”.

Continuously providing answers to these questions is especially important for applications supporting critical decision-making processes.


With a structured approach to Strategic Design and Explainable AI (XAI), BCG Platinion helps you in establishing innovative and value-creating AI solutions for your business.

Dr. Martin Böckle

Lead Strategic Designer
London, United Kingdom

Martin has a strong focus on designing human-centered digital experiences within the practice areas of BCG Platinion solving strategic design challenges through the application of qualitative and quantitative research. He is a strong advocate for behavioral design concepts like gamification and contributes to the emerging research stream of human-centered artificial intelligence (HCAI). Furthermore, he focuses on other topics such as design due diligence (DDD), design leadership and design strategy for Metaverse applications.