We give you momentum
to move ahead


IT solutions by BCG Platinion are distinguished by the highest standards regarding the quality and feasibility of their outcomes. Every day, we expect our employees to deliver on this promise in their work for our clients – and we support them actively in realizing this expectation.


We Offer the Best Conditions for Your Success

Collaborative Work

Working at BCG Platinion involves genuine teamwork where everybody’s opinion counts. Forget inflexible hierarchies. We encourage our staff to contribute their own ideas – whatever their job level or length of service.

Clients as Partners

While we do work for the client, we most importantly work with them. That means our teams operate with a high degree of their own initiative and responsibility, working in direct dialogue with the client’s decision-makers at all levels. This cooperative and integrated approach is the only way to achieve a successful outcome.

Results We’re Proud of

Our work is characterized by the highest standards of quality and feasibility of the results, as reflected in the ultimate outcome. It is precisely this competence that makes BCG Platinion stand out far above other IT service providers in our clients’ eyes.

Individual Career Paths

We are demanding but also supportive towards our staff. We invest consistently and continuously in our employees’ further training and skills.

Your Personal Pathway for Continuous Development

Our employees fulfill our top-quality promises to clients on a daily basis, and in turn, their professional development is a top priority for us. The BCG Platinion Trail supports employees in their endeavors to continually develop their skills and knowledge – within their team or individually.

Get Ready:
Kickstart your career

From your first day with us, managers and experienced colleagues will be available to provide support as mentors and contacts – to ensure seamless integration into our team. During the first 18 months, we assist our employees with intensive onboarding measures as well as advanced training sessions geared towards the demands the job makes of them.

Set Focus:
Enhanced skills support

A personalized advanced training plan enables each of our employees to grow beyond their current limits. Through our Career Development Team, we help them enhance skills and figure out where to focus – based on project requirements and our employee’s needs.


Go Beyond:
Advance your expertise

We never stand still. We always take that extra step. And we offer our staff the opportunities to realize their own aspirations to progress, to engage in further training and continuously expand their horizons. Whether taining PM certificates, taking language courses, or participating in conferences on current IT topics.

Continuous Growth
for Your Career

Are you feeling that the quality of your work, skills, and professional growth merit greater challenges? Our development opportunities at all levels create the basis for your success.

IT Architecture

Optimize outcomes, from first draft to peak IT performance.

IT Consulting

Surpassing complexity to forge elegant digital concepts.

Corporate Functions

Various roles but one team to create success.

Greater Inspiration.
More Innovation.

It’s true we place high demands on our colleagues, but also on ourselves as an employer. Consequently, BCG Platinion employees benefit from both an individual career and also from interaction with renowned experts, a vast knowledge pool, and an inspiring corporate culture.

  • Coaches with Experience.

    Our coaches learned from extensive practical experience and they are eager to share their knowledge.

    • In-house trainers
    • Years of coaching experience in collaboration with BCG
    • Extensive industry know-how and specific competences
    • Training sessions focused on applicability
  • Knowledge Resources & Events.

    Our constantly growing pool of knowledge promotes the direct exchange of information and know-how and forms an important basis for the development of our employees.

    • Virtual training, internal and external
    • Providing internal knowledge management platform
    • Industry-specific exchange, e.g. in practice group meetings
    • Access to BCG’s global industry expertise
  • Social & Offsite Activities.

    To nurture our unique corporate culture and team spirit, we regularly arrange relaxed get-togethers among colleagues.

    • Case team events and off-sites to celebrate joint achievements
    • Talks by renowned speakers providing great inspiration
    • Social events for the whole family
    • Sports activities where everybody can test their limits

Join Our Team

We believe that professional and personal growth evolve together. Help us work on projects that set new standards. We will challenge and support you while you develop your ideal career.