Enabling the Rapid Rollout of a Case Management System on Salesforce

The Challenge

Our client, a leading healthcare organization, had been struggling to scale their legacy case management solution. Proprietary data structures and insufficient functionality prevented them from keeping pace with the rate of change and scale they needed to serve the public.


A strategic choice had been made to migrate to Salesforce but the implementation process was at risk of significant delay due to scope create and the uncertainties of migrating undocumented data.

The Approach


The BCG Platinion team established a vision of how client treatment could and should work in the ecosystem, independently of current platform constraints. We then prioritized the feature set to those needed to achieve a working ‘go-live,’ in partnership with clearly identified product owners.


To accelerate progress, our team on-boarded and enabled a release train of multidisciplinary teams spanning the client, a systems integrator, the vendor, and core specialists within BCG.


Through to delivery, an agile high-speed release cadence with DevOps & CI/CD rapidly promoted features through testing into production. Finally, the migration was achieved: validated data quality from source was integrated effectively into Salesforce.


The Impact


The BCG Platinion team was delighted to ensure sufficient features were complete for a launch inside two months — with full data migration complete in three months. We helped the client successfully put the program back on schedule, and enable superior public outcomes.


Additionally, the client’s own technology teams were then empowered to take ownership of the project for ongoing feature development.

Looking at the Future

Overall this go-live enabled significantly better client outcomes that came loaded with far less risk, and as a result put the client firmly in control of driving business value into the future.

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