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Karalee is the global leader for Digital Health at the Boston Consulting Group and she also leads BCG’s Technology Advantage practice in Western Europe and South America. She is a core member of DigitalBCG Leadership as well as BCG’s Healthcare and Technology Advantage global Leadership teams.

Karalee has deep experience in Digital and technology-enabled strategy, organization, and portfolio management. Along with her many writings for the firm and her popular TED@BCG talk, Karalee’s client work has covered a wide range of topics in healthcare and across other industries (media, telco, public sector). She is particularly focused on Digital strategy and operating models; technology strategy, transformation and capability improvement; post-merger integration; organization, and change management. She has also been part of BCG’s work with the World Economic Forum on Value in Healthcare and was part of BCG’s delegation at Davos 2018.

Karalee joined BCG Toronto in 2000, was selected for the Ambassador program in Paris in 2003 and has been based in London for 13 years. She has two children and has been BCG London’s Flexible Working Partner for several years. Before joining BCG, Karalee held senior management positions in corporate planning and information systems in hospitals. She also worked in government and public health.

Karalee holds an MBA, with distinction, from the University of Toronto, and a BSc in Health Information Science, with distinction, from the University of Victoria.