Press One for Outstanding Customer Experience


A major brand in telecommunications was unable to provide a standardized customer experience because of organizational silos and bespoke processes. BCG Platinion was asked to help the client achieve its vision for a fully customer-led service experience; one that was reliable, standardized, and controlled.

The Challenge


While telcos are regarded as a catalyst for a digital life, many incumbents predate the digital era and are held back by siloed legacy systems, outdated operating models, and a neglect of data. As a consequence customers suffer from a painful experience across a variety of touchpoints, and our client has to work twice as hard to resolve tickets without any clear direction on what information is required or accurate data.

The Approach

BCG Platinion was able to transform the customer experience using a human-centred design process implementing an employee-to-employee (E2E) customer journey.


Work began by deploying a Platinion squad composed of a Product Owner, Human Centred Designer, and Architect interviewing over 50 stakeholders to prioritize customer pain points and expectations, resulting in three target state customer journeys for incident management, service requests and new provide.


BCG also set the blue sky vision for a customer-centric incident and delivery management experience for the client via high fidelity Proof of Concepts which would provide E2E visibility to the client’s customers.


The entire transformation was brought to life through human centric design leaps, digital product innovation and architecture catalysts

The Impact

  • 1.

    Absolute consistency in the customer experience

  • 2.

    Improved performance from customer-facing staff

  • 3.

    Increased automation and leaner processes

  • 4.

    Enhanced visibility into data

    Looking at the Future


    The client is now equipped with the necessary tools and methods to realize their “Northstar” vision of becoming a truly digital, customer-centric organization.


    Cross functional collaboration has expedited the decision making process and reduced resolution times across multiple products and services


    And adopting a human-centric way of working, with customers and employees involved at every stage of the transformation, has dramatically improved NPS and internal efficiencies.

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