Digital Transformation Fueled by a Modern Architecture Framework


Some systems are hard to replace, especially ones that handle business-critical business processes, and the transition can take years. In today’s turbo-charged economy, organizations do not have years to wait – in order to remain competitive, they are innovating at speed and scale.

The Challenge


Our client, with a business focused on transactional processing, needed to ensure its payments were processed swiftly and efficiently. Except, internally, its own legacy systems were stymying innovation and hindering updates in capabilities. The business was concerned that its own technology might threaten its leading position in the market and sought the help of BCG Platinion to design a modern architecture framework that would keep it ahead of the digital curve.

The Approach



BCG Platinion reviewed the planned architecture in a bid to increase time-to-market for new services and reduce the costs to maintain existing systems. This meant supporting the client with a proof-of-concept for target architecture and the outline of a transitional approach. In the first phase, BCG Platinion reviewed internal applications, data, integration landscapes and platforms to prioritize the pain-points that were hampering business-critical processes and future innovation.

Based on our analysis, we recommended high-level tradeoffs, pressure tested current target state plans to align on viable options and developed a proof-of-concept for a new enterprise architecture. The team also established a governance structure and an Agile center of excellence that would help upskill current resources.


The Impact

  • 1.

    Dramatic cost reduction on existing systems

  • 2.

    Stability of platform functionality

  • 3.

    Decreased time-to-market for new products and services

    Looking into the Future


    Our client now has the tools and people to evolve its operating model, as digital technologies fundamentally redefine its industry in transactional processing. To maintain relevance in a dynamic marketplace, our client has increased its agility and reduced its IT complexity, while accelerating innovation and product development.

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