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Case Study

CYBERSECURITY: Technology, Media & Telecommunications

The Challenge

A global provider of advanced wireless technologies and data solutions wanted to understand the right market positioning in cybersecurity, the cybersecurity technologies to invest in for the future, and the competitive landscape, trends, and business models.

The Process

BCG Platinion analyzed the overall cybersecurity market structure, including size by market segment, map of opportunities and expected annual growth. Our team scanned cybersecurity technologies based on applicability and maturity and leveraged BCG innovation analytics to assess current state of IP and where the VC investments were flowing. We then identified key market players for a select set of opportunities, including their relative positioning and business models.

Enterprise Cyber Strategy

Cyber Vendor Product and Market Strategy

The Results

Holistic cybersecurity strategy

The development of a strategy provided the client with areas to target and exit as well as priority industry-focused opportunities with use cases.

Detailed use cases

Use cases including hardware, software, services, ecosystem orchestration were developed.

Critical cybersecurity technologies

The development of critical technologies (incl. disruptive) helped the client understand when and how to invest in the short, medium, and long term.

Roadmap for product and market development

A roadmap as well as the capability gaps (technology and business) were addressed to successfully prioritize and pursue the opportunities.