We help organizations re-think technology to tackle climate change

We use our digital expertise to help our clients speed up their journey towards sustainability. By helping organizations unlock their digital potential, we enable them to reduce their emissions and reach their net zero goals through technological innovation. Our comprehensive and deep IT expertise, combined with strong consulting skills, makes it easy for our clients to leverage new sustainable approaches to tech and data, while still focusing on their core mission.

What Climate & Sustainability means to BCG Platinion

At BCG Platinion, we are always looking to explore new ideas and to create efficient, convenient, and sustainable solutions for all our partners. Utilizing technology to tackle the many environmental issues we face today is an integral part of our core values, and we are very proud that we can help our clients achieve this. Our core focus on climate and sustainability has led to many projects and engagements with our clients that have all driven innovative and forward-thinking solutions. All these engagements are in full alignment with our purpose — to provide comprehensive and deep IT expertise, in a way that enables organizations to leverage technology in the pursuit of sustainability. Through each of our activities and partnerships, we aim to fulfill only the highest quality standards of environmental performance. By always striving for this, we ensure that addressing climate change through technology is central to everything we do.


“Climate change is a global challenge. Tech is a global lever to create the world we like. We at BCG PLATINION are committed to delivering innovative technologies for meaningful impact.”

" Norbert Faure, Managing Director

Our Engagements in Climate & Sustainability Projects

  • Creating a Holistic Digital Label to Drive Marine Sustainability

    Manual framework update and label creation for the French Climate Foundation using HCD methods


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