Spotlight on “The Fintech and Digital Banking Podcast” by BCG Platinion

Join our experts Annika Melchert and Nora Hocke in exploring how tech is accelerating the transformation of the financial services industry.

The Fintech and Digital Banking Podcast

In our ever-evolving world, hit by digitalization on all sides, companies are being challenged to keep up with the high pace that competition and evolution demand of them. The banking sector is no exception to that—quite the contrary: It is at the very center of digital evolution. Over the last decade, the financial services industry has undergone more transformation than ever.


The pace is set and advanced by customers and their consumption habits. Digital native customers don’t set foot in branches anymore and instead expect a seamless digital banking experience—mobile first or only. They want financial services to be as easily accessible as watching a series, calling a cab, or ordering food. While incumbent players struggle to deliver on the changing customer needs, a multitude of new technology-driven youngsters have arisen and are on a mission to fulfill all these needs: the fintechs.

But what exactly is it that that successful fintechs do better?


How are they able to develop within months what incumbents can’t in years?


How do they plan to disrupt the financial services industry, both now and in the future?


Who are the people driving these changes?


Find the answers to all these questions in “The Fintech and Digital Banking Podcast by BCG Platinion.”



Follow our hosts Annika and Nora as they talk to different experts from the fintech industry about their mission to conquer the world of banking. Learn why making mistakes is essential to being a successful fintech CTO, and how technologies like blockchain may change the way banks operate in the future. Get firsthand insights from fintech leaders on how to best learn from your customers and why technology is never an end in itself. Ultimately, get to know a range of fascinating people and companies that are working on shaping the future of the financial services industry.


Or in short: find out why banks and financial services need to reimagine their IT.

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About the Hosts

Nora Hocke

Senior IT Consultant

Nora is an expert in IT strategy and agile ways of working. By combining her expertise in banking and emerging technologies, she has delivered IT strategies, next-gen target architectures, and agile operating models for fintech and incumbent banks across the globe. Nora is a member of the BCG Platinion Agile chapter and the Neobank and Fintech initiative.

Annika Melchert

Senior IT Architect
Cologne, Germany

Annika is an expert on modern technology architectures. Her track record includes neobank incubation, several IT Landscape assessments, the selection of software vendors and system integrators as well as IT strategy definitions and digital transformations. Annika is a core group member of the Financial Institutions practice, the Architecture Chapter leadership team and the Neobank and FinTech initiative of BCG Platinion.