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We combine deep industry know-how with hands-on technological expertise to solve our clients’ most complex challenges.

Our customer’s most complex problems are our business

BCG Platinion’s competencies cover a broad range of industry specializations across IT issues and customer constellations. We recognize that even within related industries – such as banking and insurance – seemingly minor differences in technological requirements may vary in impact and must be considered thoughtfully to achieve digital ambitions. By applying industry-specific insights, we turn every engagement into a success.

  • Consumer

    Digital technologies are revolutionizing business models in the consumer industry. We impart and strengthen the skills required for digital transformation, in areas including mobile commerce, supplier networks, and mass personalization.

    We work across all segments of the consumer industry, from retail and consumer products to travel & tourism, solving challenges in IT architectures, applications, processes, and more.

    Project examples

    Our project work in the consumer industry includes:

    • Digital Capabilities & Architecture Management

      Enhancing the digital capabilities and management of the architecture for an international retailer

    • Digital Sales and Service Platform

      Developing a digital sales and service platform for an international airline, including architecture design and implementation planning

    • Building of an Advanced Analytics Platform

      Creating an advanced analytics platform and implementing the framework of a personalization initiative for an international jewelry manufacturer

    • Data Strategy

      Masterminding a group-wide data strategy for a national rail company

    • Digital target IT architecture

      Designing the digital target IT architecture for a global fashion company

    • Due Diligence

      Conducting the technical due diligence on a portfolio of tourism companies for a  private equity firm


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      Joachim Engesser

      Managing Director
      Head of Consumer Goods
    • Energy

      Energy companies are adapting to the pressure stemming from renewable sources, regulatory changes, and technological advances through advanced digital transformation. BCG Platinion is at the forefront, advising on the integration of smart technology, robotics and the utilization of big data analytics in all energy industries.

      We have been supporting global energy companies with industry-specific solutions since our inception – from IT architectures to the transformation of the entire value chain.

      Project examples

      Our project work in the Energy sector includes:

      • Technology Platform Transformation

        Management of a technology platform transformation in German energy trading

      • Launch Management SAP S/4HANA

        Management of the launch of SAP S/4HANA for a major European energy company

      • Development of digital core processes

        Development of digital core processes for a distribution network operator in Germany

      • Digital Transformation

        Controlling the digital transformation of an electricity producer and network operator in Italy

      • Digital Center of Excellence

        Establishment of a Digital Center of Excellence, including the development of digital use cases for a global oil company

      • Project Management

        Overall project management for a leading energy company in the Middle and Near East

      • Definition of Target IT Architecture

        Definition of target IT architecture for the commodity trading of an oil company

      • Post-Merger Integration

        PMO for the post-merger integration of a large German electricity producer



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        Jens Elei

        Managing Director
        Head of Energy
      • Health Care

        Health Care is at the tipping point of radical digitization, driven by patients expectations and competitive forces. At BCG Platinion we support MedTech providers, Biopharma companies as well as Payers and Providers and enable technology transformation across the value chain.

        The future of health care will be digital-first, scalable, and redesigned to support multiple stakeholder needs. Working with clients across the health care industry, from insurance to pharma, BCG Platinion is at the forefront of innovation and dedicated to enhancing patient care through cutting edge technologies.

        Project examples

        Our work within the Health Care industry includes:

        • Large Scale Transformation

          Transforming one of the largest German public payers into a data driven health insurer

        • Building an AI and Automation Process

          Building a large-scale AI and automation process for a leading private health insurer

        • IT Strategy Development

          Transforming the IT strategy for a public health insurer as part of its re-organization and merger

        • Modernizing the IT Landscape

          Modernizing the complete IT landscape for a public health insurer

        • AI and Robotics

          Implementing AI and Robotics capabilities in a BOT approach for a public health insurer

        • IT Strategy

          Developing the IT architecture and application strategy for an international wholesale and retail pharmaceutical company

        • IT in Chronic Disease Management

          Reimagining the role of information in chronic disease management through the design of a digital tool for a global life sciences company

        • Building a CRM program

          Building a CRM and engagement management program for a leading pharmaceutical company

        • Billing Control Applications

          Empowering pharmacists with delivery and billing control applications for a global life sciences company

        • Establishing data governance

          Building, operating and transferring data-governance organizations for key data domains like customer and product enable digital use cases at a large MedTech player in EMEA

        • Setting up digital and analytics teams

          Founding joint business and IT teams for establishing data-driven decision making across the whole value chain for a large MedTech player

        • Defining a comprehensive CRM

          A CRM is the origin of key order-to-cash processes and setting up this capability in the right way is crucial for all MedTech businesses

          Julia Wiesermann

          Managing Director
          Head of Pharma

          Axel Griewel

          Associate Director
          Head of MedTech

          Robert Daniel

          Managing Director
          Head of Insurance
        • Industrial Goods

          Technology creates massive value for industrial goods companies, if applied and managed right. We define and support the implementation of top-of-the-agenda items, like IoT, AI and Advanced Analytics, Data and Digital Platforms. We furthermore build the strong IT foundation to support the business effectively and efficiently.



          We combine detailed sector-specific know-how – in Automotive & Mobility, Engineered Products, Materials & Process Industries, Infrastructure, Cities & Transportation – with a deep understanding of technology. Our expertise spans from corporate applications like ERP across system architectures to leading edge capabilities for industry specific digital game changer topics. The latter include connected cars, factories of the future, digital twins in engineering heavy industries as well as building information modeling (BIM) in building materials.



          This puts us in a unique position to support our clients to master digital disruption and overcome technological obstacles.

          Project examples

          Our work in the Industrial Goods industry includes:

          • Advanced Analytics in Automotive

            Providing an advanced analytic SaaS solution, tailor-designed and developed to get the maximum value out of competitive pricing of new vehicles

          • Merger in Mobility

            We integrated the mobility business of two automotive companies as part of a merger – from mobile app & in-car technology to backend systems

          • Cost Reduction in Engineered Products

            Defining measures to save 20% of IT cost in 18 months with a team of IT and organization experts, who know how to build a world class IT function while reducing cost

          • Materials and Process Industries

            Introducing the future cloud-based HR IT target setup, which enables the transformation towards a digital HR function and is the basis for user-centric and streamlined end-to-end processes


          • Target Architecture Development in Transportation

            We assessed the architecture maturity and developed a digital IT target architecture as part of a company-wide operating model design

          • Design and Engineering

            Designing and building a digital, multi-sided marketplace with vehicle connection for an automotive OEM in a startup fashion


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            Andreas Dietze

            Managing Director
            Head of Industrial Goods
          • Insurance

            Our experts help insurers and payers to tackle today’s and future digital challenges – from digitizing the IT landscape over agile@scale to artificial intelligence.

            We support the full spectrum of insurance clients including primary insurers, re-insurers and payers showing them how to secure competitive advantages. Our experts combine in depth technical and organizational expertise and support our international clients to drive their digital transformation. Covering a wide range of clients, starting from payers with a few hundred IT employees up to global insurance companies with an annual IT spend of > €3bn. Doing that, our service offering spans from the definition of digital IT strategies, developing target IT architectures, replacing core systems, redesigning entire IT organizations, facilitate agile@scale transformations, leveraging RPA and artificial intelligence for process automation and building big data and analytics platforms.

            Project examples

            Our work within the Insurance industry includes:

            • IT strategy and professionalization

              Development of IT strategy, target organization/governance and key processes, including professionalization of the IT in the areas of test, release, change management, as well as project portfolio management

            • IT review and target design

              Review and design of target application landscape (>400 applications) and IT operating model for a global insurer

            • Architecture assessment

              IT architecture assessment and P&C system selection for a global insurer

            • IT reorganization

              Complete reorganization of an IT department, including as-is analysis, target setting, road mapping and transformation for a German payer

            • IT cost cutting

              Creation of IT cost transparency, including analysis and benchmarking of overall IT and IT unit costs for an European insurer as wells as development of cost optimization measures to reduce overall IT cost ratio

            • Data architecture

              Renewal of input/output management systems, including development of a concept for omni channel-capable services and data architecture as well as its realization for a German insurer

            • Agile@Scale

              Transformation of the entire IT function towards agile way of working and integration into a truly cross-functional target organization spanning all change activities at a  German insurer

            • AI-based migration

              Leveraging AI and advanced analytics to increase migration speed and quality whilst reducing overall migration efforts for German insurer

            • Robotics

              Development, tool selection and implementation of robot process automation (RPA) at a German health insurer

              Robert Daniel

              Managing Director
              Head of Insurance
            • Principal Investors & Private Equity

              More so than ever, technology is driving business growth and must be a top consideration in M&A decision making. Assessing technological capabilities in the due diligence phase requires specific knowledge across IT architecture, enterprise systems and cybersecurity.

              Our teams bring tailored, technology focused offerings across the full value chain, from pre-deal due diligence, to value creating during holding period, to support for divestiture, turning our PIPE clients into digital champions.

              Project examples

              Our work with Principal Investors & Private Equity includes:

              • Security control framework

                Defined security control framework and operating model, including vendor selection of outsourced security provider for a private equity firm’s purchase of a global consumer goods company

              • Post-merger integration plan

                Post-merger integration plan development, leveraging target company’s state-of-the-art front-end with existing cost efficient back-end fulfillment platform for a private equity owned security technology provider

              • Technology Diligence Assessment

                Technology diligence assessment on the buy-side for private equity firm looking to acquire an experience platform to deliver holistic, end-to-end solution enabling best in class guest experience for a major cruise line

              • Architecture Assessment

                “Outside in” analysis for a private equity firm to evaluate portfolio of software development tools, leveraging an architecture assessment framework to pinpoint strengths and risks of each product in target company’s portfolio

                Daniel Schneider

                Managing Director
                Head of PIPE