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We combine deep industry know-how with hands-on technological expertise to solve our clients’ most complex challenges.

Our Customers’ Most Complex Problems are our Business

BCG Platinion’s competencies cover a broad range of industry specializations across IT issues and customer constellations. We recognize that even within related industries – such as banking and insurance – seemingly minor differences in technological requirements may vary in impact and must be considered thoughtfully to achieve digital ambitions. By applying industry-specific insights, we turn every engagement into a success.

  • Consumer Products

    Digital technologies are revolutionizing business models in the consumer products sector. We impart and strengthen the skills required for digital transformation, in areas including mobile communication, supplier networks, and mass personalization.

    We work across all segments of the consumer goods sector, from packaged goods to hospitality, solving challenges in IT architectures, applications, processes, and more.

    Project examples

    Our project work in Consumer Products includes:

    • Cybersecurity Transformation

      A household brand in consumer goods appointed BCG Platinion to provide the technical expertise across thirty cyber defense projects, identify redundancies and lay out a roadmap that would resolve vunerabilities and lift baseline security. A governance body to standardize processes and requirements was also established by the team, saving the client several million dollars.

    • Agile@Scale

      BCG Platinion worked with a global fashion brand to expedite its Agile transformation to simplify and consolidate processes and modernize its IT application landscape. The team aligned with leadership on the scope and strategy before triaging the technical and organizational complexity that was inhibiting its digital modernization. A target state application landscape was implemented with an effective governance structure to manage the transformation.

    • IT Strategy

      A leading European aviation company, with over 100,000 employees, had developed a centralized IT strategy with no consideration for separate business units within the group. BCG Platinion developed a new and comprehensive strategy via a series of workshops in alignment with different stakeholders, ultimately informing a roadmap towards implementation.

    • Cross-Channel Digital Integration

      Deutsche Bahn partnered with BCG Platinion to digitally transform its time-tabling process, employing 240 team members to design and develop a modern cloud-based, scalable and highly automated IT architecture. Timetable creation is now a 100% digitized process cutting lead times from 72 hours to 5 min.

    • Agile@Scale

      A major brewing company came to BCG Platinion in a bid to transform its IT department into an Agile-at-scale organization. An extensive target operating model articulated new processes, governance and responsibilities, and a business case was developed to bring other business units in line.

    • Migrating Away from Waterfall

      A multinational consumer goods company turned to BCG Platinion in an effort to migrate away from a waterfall approach to project management. The team restructured the IT organization to adopt Agile ways of working that enabled the client to launch new products in previously unimaginable timeframes.


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    • Energy

      Energy companies are adapting to the pressures stemming from renewable sources, regulatory changes, and technological advances through advanced digital transformation. BCG Platinion is at the forefront, advising on the integration of smart technology, robotics and the utilization of big data analytics in all energy sectors.

      We have been supporting global energy companies with industry-specific solutions since our inception – from IT architectures to the transformation of the entire value chain.

      Project examples

      Our project work in the Energy sector includes:

      • Digital Platform Design & Build

        A major utilities company appointed BCG Platinion to help automate many of its manual processes in purchasing, HR and finance. The team designed and built a platform for technicians to order tools and equipment; and for suppliers, a portal to upload invoices with SAP dialog features. The program delivered a 15% saving on administrative costs and significantly reduced payment delays.

      • Post Merger Integration

        A large European utility company approached BCG Platinion to help the Post Merger Integration (PMI) with a wholesale business it had acquired. Working with BCG Platinion, the team successfully reduced overall IT costs by replacing dedicated wholesale systems with flexible IT solutions, automated many manual processes and increased revenue by leveraging new opportunities for cross-selling realized by the integration of the IT systems.

      • Digital Center of Excellence

        At a major oil and gas company, underdeveloped digital capabilities hampered exploration. BCG Platinion recognized the need for a Digital Center of Excellence (DCE) that would integrate digital projects managed by individual departments. Out of the DCE, BCG Platinion designed an operating model, a use case roadmap, and architecture for a new digital technology stack that leveraged analytics, AI, and quantum computing to enhance exploration.

      • Enhancing the Customer Experience

        Strict regulations and a complicated customer service system created a revenue collections gap for Duquesne Lighting. By mapping a new customer journey and designing a customer service interface, BCG Platinion successfully reduced complaints by 60% and enhanced regulatory compliance around cash flow and customer service systems.


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      • Financial Institutions

        In financial services, technology is leading the sector’s transformation by optimizing efficiencies, reducing costs and revolutionizing business models through innovation in blockchain, AI and big data.

        BCG Platinion supports financial institutions to overcome their most difficult and pressing technical challenges on the road to digital modernization. We align IT systems, migrate from legacy systems, integrate AI, manage risk, and realize commercial opportunities by enhancing the customer experience in banking and finance.

        Project examples

        Our work with financial institutions:

        • Customer Journey

          A large bank in South Africa had a very product-centric way of offering its services. Using ‘zero based design’, BCG Platinion was able to prioritize areas of the business that resolved common customer frustrations and enhanced the customer journey with new digital technologies. BCG Platinion also assessed the current IT architecture and identified missing or immature capabilities.

        • Post Merger Integration

          Following the merger of two Indian banks, the respective IT departments needed to integrate organizational data, departments, teams and technologies. BCG Platinion conducted an IT skills inventory of 400 employees, evaluated IT governance and assessed the IT and data architecture. As a consequence, the team optimized new IT processes, developed a target operating model and recommended a target state for architecture and data.

        • Developing Blockchain Platforms

          Know-Your-Customer is a major pain point in regulatory risk and affects the customer experience for any financial institution. Seeking a competitive advantage, our client approached BCG Platinion to develop a blockchain-based platform for KYC data. Based on Corda’s Enterprise Blockchain, the platform helped our client secure document sharing, improve the efficiency of data collection and create an audit of version control for regulatory requirements.

        • Accelerating Agile@Scale

          A global bank was looking to stand-up a new operating model. BCG Platinion quickly mobilized an Agile Center of Excellence that taught over 800 practitioners on Agile methods and trained 20 coaches. The bank is now developing software five times faster and increased its productivity threefold by unlocking capacity.


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        • Health Care

          Health care is at the tipping point of a rapid digital evolution, driven by patients demanding personalized, modern and tailored treatment plans, while providers and pharmaceutical companies are focused on improving the patient experience through new digital care models.

          The future of health care will be digital-first, scalable, and redesigned to support multiple stakeholder needs. Working with clients across the health care industry, from insurance to pharma, BCG Platinion is at the forefront of innovation and dedicated to enhancing patient care through cutting edge technologies.

          Project examples

          Our work within the Health care industry includes:

          • Digital Marketing Platform

            A globally leading pharmaceutical company was facing pressure from competitors in the animal health sector and needed BCG Platinion to roll-out a new CRM and customer engagement platform that would enhance the sales and marketing efforts across the world. The platform reinvigorated the eCommerce strategy and leveraged customer analytics to secure the company’s leading position in the sector.

          • Data-led Disease Management

            With 29.1 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes, our client saw an opportunity to better manage solutions for a growing number of patients. BCG Platinion was approached to develop innovative ways to stay ahead of the commoditization of blood glucose self-management. Based on UX concepts, the team created an easy to use cross-platform that positioned the client to make a shift to more digitally-led healthcare.

          • End-of-Life IT Support

            An international pharmaceutical company had an IT landscape with many applications and servers approaching the end of their lifecycle. BCG Platinion supported the client with a detailed business case for IT transformation and a roadmap towards further adoption of SAP. Over seventy use cases were developed to address individual business requirements, as well as a governance program to manage the transformation.

          • Agile@Scale

            BCG Platinion implemented an Agile-at-Scale framework to support the IT transformation for a large, multi-state health care provider. To reduce cost and complexity, the team transitioned the client away from a waterfall methodology for project development towards an Agile model that could foster improved governance, cost control and alignment to the wider business strategy. Working through the change management, the client increased productivity by 30% and saw a 15%-20% saving from an Agile way of working with DevOps.

          • Industrial Goods

            Technology is creating exceptional value for the Industrial Goods industry with IoT investments at the top of its digital agenda. We define and support implementation of IoT systems and analytics, applying human-centered methodologies to ensure user and customer acceptance across the supply chain.

            We use technology to help our clients gain competitive advantage with our deep expertise across all Industrial Goods sectors – from automotive to mechanical engineering and mining to transportation.

            Project examples

            Our work in the Industrial Goods industry includes:

            • Human-Centered Design

              BCG Platinion re-imagined an end-to-end resourcing and onboarding experience for a global mining company by taking a customer centered design approach to increase levels of engagement. MVPs were also deployed that included new technologies to automate the selection process for 500,000 applicants each year and reducing the time it takes to fill a vacancy by half.

            • IT cost reduction

              For a client in engineered products and infrastructure, BCG Platinion defined how to reduce 20% of the IT-cost in an 18 month period with a worldwide team of IT and organizational experts , who understood where to find hidden cost drivers and how to turn the organization into a world class IT function.

            • Target State Architecture

              A German industrial goods company, with over €40b in revenues, had a complex HR operating model with non-compliant HR applications. BCG Platinion supported the client to help define a new HR IT target landscape and launch regulatory initiatives for HR and payroll, which was successfully harmonized across India, the Middle East and North African regions.

            • ERP implementation

              A global manufacturing company approached BCG Platinion to implement an ERP worldwide and use the opportunity to standardize its operating model across independent business units. The team designed the target state for a new IT and data architecture, coupled with a new outsourcing strategy, that led to the successful mobilization of new sourcing processes.


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            • Insurance

              As the insurance industry races to modernize itself, harnessing the power of technology to seek new opportunities, it must also remain relevant and secure to customers.

              We help insurance companies navigate from cumbersome and traditional legacy structures to resilient data driven, secure platforms. And we work with clients to select fit-for-purpose technology platforms and standards that will exceed business standards and future-proof their operation.

              Project examples

              Our work within the Insurance industry includes:

              • Legacy Modernization

                A large Australian financial services firm with complex operations across banking, insurance and wealth management had multiple platforms replicated across the business that were causing problems when reconciling data. BCG Platinion helped the client architect a new data landscape to improve data quality and accessibility and identified over 80 use cases that would unlock over $500m of incremental revenue.

              • Cybersecurity Simulation Testing

                A global reinsurance provider had limited cybersecurity incident experience. BCG Platinion reviewed its incident response processes and identified a series of issues related to information flows, team responsibilities and disaster recovery plans. To prioritize cybersecurity through a new way of working, the team hosted simulation training to stress test the client’s response to typical attacks.

              • Data Lakes

                A French leader in insurance approached BCG Platinion to accelerate its digital transformation and modernize its data management processes. BCG Platinion built a state-of-the-art digital platform to integrate data management with mobile and API management. The team also built a data lake to enhance analytical modules and create a hub for use case delivery.

              • IT Architectural Transformation

                A major life insurer came to BCG Platinion to transform its global IT architecture, move away from paper analysis, and guide strategic technology-based decisions. Five technology patterns were adopted across PaaS, event messaging, intelligent guided capture, real-time analytic model enablement and micro-entitlements, leading to six Proof of Technology pilots.

              • Principal Investors & Private Equity

                More so than ever, technology is driving business growth and must be a top consideration in M&A decision making. Assessing technological capabilities in the due diligence phase requires specific knowledge across IT architecture, enterprise systems and cybersecurity.

                Our teams bring tailored, technology focused offerings across the full value chain, from pre-deal due diligence, to value creating during holding period, to support for divestiture, turning our PIPE clients into digital champions.

                Project examples

                Our work with Principal Investors & Private Equity includes:

                • Assessing the IT Landscape

                  A private equity firm was acquiring an experience platform that could deliver a holistic end to end solution to enable a best-in-class guest experience for a cruise line. BCG Platinion stepped in to run a deep analysis on the stability and completeness of a target platform, the modules and the technology stack. The cast analysis led to recommendations for improving security, performance, maintainability and deep code analysis for each module.

                • Post-Merger Integration

                  BCG Platinion developed a post-merger integration plan for two leading companies in financial services. The team supported multiple work streams including HR, client migration, customer service and brand strategy. By aligning the target product portfolios, BCG Platinion was able to successfully integrate a state-of-the-art front-end with an efficient back-end fulfillment platform to ensure the merger was technically seamless.

                • Networking and IT Infrastructure

                  Post acquisition of a global consumer goods company, BCG Platinion was asked to build a new IT infrastructure, including a modern SD-WAN network, and implement a cloud-first IT strategy. The shift to SD-WAN simplified and modernized the network infrastructure, allowing features such as agile deployment and topology change capabilities, central cloud-based management and zero-touch provisioning.

                • Developing Lighthouse Projects

                  With two successful Agile projects under its belt, a Canadian bank realized an opportunity to scale DevOps across the organization. To expedite the transformation, it asked BCG Platinion to develop Lighthouses that would identify a solution architecture that was achievable and scalable. The team also developed the bank’s DevOps roadmap with customized tools to increase its Agile capabilities.

                • Public Sector

                  The public sector is not immune to the disruption instigated by new digital technologies and the unique structural and regulatory challenges inherent to the sector often drives industry innovation that pushes it forward.

                  We work around the globe to drive transformational change for public sector clients by stabilizing critical applications, modernizing architectures and introducing Agile ways of working.

                  Project examples

                  Our work in the public sector includes:

                  • UK Public Sector Transformation

                    After launching a multi-year business strategy, a public body engaged BCG Platinion to implement a more Agile operating model. The program modernized the way data was managed across the organization and increased productivity by introducing collaborative processes. The team also produced a three-year roadmap, in compliance with UK government standards for digital transformations.

                  • Public Sector IT Optimization

                    BCG Platinion was asked to reduce the operating costs, while maintaining headcount. To optimize IT expenditure, the team analyzed contracts, conducted RFIs and reviewed volume, discount, and rate data to develop a framework for major suppliers. This was coupled with a roadmap incorporating new cost-efficient technologies in cloud, outsourcing and remote access.

                  • Public Sector Agency Migration

                    A public body responsible for managing grants was planning to double its headcount of 750 staff and increase investment to £29bn over three years. Except it had an aging IT architecture and on-premise applications. BCG Platinion designed a high-level strategy and a detailed implementation plan to engage vendors and begin the transformation.

                  • Federal Digital Transformation

                    As part of a congressional mandate to consolidate systems, a Federal agency engaged BCG Platinion to consolidate systems and analyze its current data landscape to pinpoint new data sources and understand proxy end-to-end data flows. The assessment successfully accelerated the agency’s digital transformation by providing architecture insight to guide modernization and migration.

                  • European Government Agency Cloud and Analytics Platform

                    For a European government agency, BCG Platinion designed and built a private cloud and advanced analytics platform.

                  • Defense Agency Agile Transformation

                    For a military branch, BCG Platinion streamlined contract management process through digital solutions and implementation of Agile methodologies.

                    Alain Schneuwly

                    Managing Director
                  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications

                    Telecommunications, media, and technology firms have pioneering roles in the digital revolution. They must therefore successfully balance the expansion of their business models, interact effectively with customers, and renew sprawling IT landscapes that have proliferated over decades—all while managing increasing cost pressure.

                    Our teams help clients navigate a challenging and competitive landscape by leveraging new technologies like IoT, managing cloud migrations, optimizing the digital supply chain and integrating analytical tools.

                    Project examples

                    Our work in Technology, Media & Telecommunications includes:

                    • Activating an Agile Way Of Working

                      A multinational media firm was facing market pressure to improve IT functionality and drive innovation. Without the skillset to act lean and fast, it was falling behind competitors. It turned to BCG Platinion to tap into our Agile experts and transform its DevOps. The team set-up an Agile Management Office (AMO) that began replacing traditional waterfall methods with an Agile operating model and restructuring teams to align with business functions. As a result, an Agile way of working improved team productivity by up to 30%.

                    • Reimagining the Customer Value Proposition

                      For a major Middle Eastern telco, BCG Platinion led a 12 week pilot to transform the customer journey and build a digital self-service channel. Powered by AI, the platform was designed and implemented to automate delivery between journey development and IT teams. It led to new ways of working for multi-disciplinary teams, and with customer centricity at its core, increased collaboration and speed to value.

                    • Enhancing the Customer Experience

                      A Middle Eastern telco needed to support its on-the-ground technicians installing fibre optic cabling in a way that would enhance the customer experience. BCG Platinion began by designing an end-to-end service delivery model and provided technicians access to real-time data on-site. A platform was also designed for customers to troubleshoot any problems with home connection. The platform reduced cost-to-serve by 90% and time-to-install from six months to one day.

                    • Experiential Design

                      A global technology leader wanted to create a consistent and branded experience for its 90,000 employees and their visitors. BCG Platinion helped to redefine the campus environment with a solution that was replicated across the globe. The smart environment integrated technologies to fine tune building systems and supported occupants in a way that influenced their behavior, experience and most importantly, productivity.