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We are Technology-Minded Specialists

Our work extends BCG’s strategic imperative by inventing and developing tech products, platforms and solutions. Since 2000, we have offered deep technical expertise, fusing an Agile way of working with a human-centered approach to digital and data transformations. Leveraging the latest tech-led solutions, we are helping companies maximize their margins, optimize future products and amplify value.


Today, our presence spans the globe, with wordwide offices.


Cities world wide
Digital experts
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We Are at the Heart of Digital Transformation

We go deep to test, validate, and implement insights, applying a human-centered, Agile and cyber secure approach across all of our work

Architecture & Platforms

Modern tech environments, empowering clients to radically shift or recombine IT systems

Enabling Digital Capabilities

Digital transformations and cybersecurity solutions fueled by Agile teams and tools

And We Push the Edge of Possibility

Diverse Digital Experts

Diverse Tech Perspectives Drive our Work with Clients


We are an integrated part of BCG. Our interdisciplinary teams work on technology and data projects to ensure clients have unparalleled access to a wide range of industry, functional, and technology expertise across our global network. It is this access to a breadth of specialized skills that ensures our clients benefit from a fully customized, integrated strategy that delivers resilient and sustainable competitive advantage.



Case Studies

BCG Platinion is at the forefront of technology. Our teams solve for the most challenging and impactful problems posed by digital acceleration.

Consumer Goods


Piloting the first-of-its-kind direct-to-consumer platform


Social Impact

Review and Recovery of an ERP Project for a Global NGO


Next Generation Time Tabling

System integration with the entire logistics chain and promotion of end-to-end digitization

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    Data Mesh: How to Access Game-Changing Architecture to Power a Client-Centric Organization

    We uncover the potential of data mesh architecture and explore its successful implementation to achieve client-centric business goals.

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    Why Green IT is critical for the sustainable future of your company

    Many companies and governments have set themselves ambitious targets to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050. To accomplish the set goals, an immense shift along the entire IT value chain is required.

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    Greenfield Mindset: How an Evolved PMI Setup Can Increase a Company's Innovative Power

    Typically, PMI focuses on the pure integration of the target company’s IT landscape. During this phase, it is decided whether and which applications of the target company should be retained.

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    Cloudsourcing – How to leverage cloud when building new business

    Building your company with an agile, cloud-based IT function is easier and more cost-effective than ever. Here’s how to do it the right way.

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    Social Impact at BCG Platinion - We use digital expertise to make a difference in the world

    We help organizations unlock their digital potential to make the most out of their nonprofit operations, thus building a better world for us all.

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