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“We’re ready for Decentralised Finance” claim traditional financial service institutions

Confidence in DeFi rises but fears over security and lack of regulation could derail progress, according to new study by BCG Platinion and

cover_Finding a New Normal in the Cloud

Finding a New Normal in the Cloud

To maximize productivity and efficiency in this digital new normal environment, companies will need to combine technology with organizational innovation.


The Sudden Rise of DeFi: Opportunities and Risks for Financial Services

In a joint research project, BCG Platinion and analyse the rise of decentralised finance and weigh its recent progress against its ability to substitute centralised services in payments, loans and exchanges.

Successful delivery of transformation projects requires specific senior leadership intervention

Successful delivery of transformation projects requires specific senior leadership intervention

Right C-level support & intervention is essential to success of technology transformation. Find 4 key areas of focus in this article.

Can tech reduce the need for trust in governments

Can tech reduce the need for trust in governments while increasing their ability to fight the virus?

Trust in governments is an important factor in the success of tracing apps being launched worldwide to help address the crises. Blockchain and homomorphic encryption can mitigate some of these privacy concerns.


Get Ready for the Future of Money

Will new-generation digital currencies make bank accounts obsolete? Find out more in this article presented at Consensus 2020.

Winning with data in the post-COVID era

Winning with data in the post-COVID era

The coronavirus is forcing change, but how much change an organisation forces through will be dictated by the maturity of its 'data'.

Trends in Data for 2020

Trends in Data for 2020

What were the data trends at the beginning of 2020 compared to the data trends only three months later?

Next Gen Vendor Management

Next Gen Vendor Management to unlock competitive value?

Navigating a world of digital disruption and uncertainty requires a strong ecosystem to help remain competitive. Vendor management plays a critical role in addressing this challenge.


Telecom Industry Analytical transformation

Telecommunication operators have been on a long and complex journey over the past decades. Their transformation is based on a very simple idea: Data-centric Architecture, on a Data and Digital Platform.


Resolving the Blockchain Paradox in Transportation and Logistics

To realize the promise of blockchain, Transport & Logistics stakeholders must collaborate to develop an ecosystem that forges trust and creates mutual benefits across the value chain.


Architect a resilient enterprise to mitigate impact of IT failure

High-profile IT failures occur frequently, leading to revenue losses and additional costs to recover operations, and damaged brand and reputation.


Avoiding ethical pitfalls in AI projects

The glue that holds society together is not only the written laws, but also the unspoken norms, beliefs and shared rules; that is where the discussions on ethics must also take place.


Drive digital transformation by establishing an effective product management discipline

Effective idea management, continual build & launch of new & innovative digital products, services and enabling capabilities can power & catalyse the transformation journey.


Cloud costs are spiraling — here are 5 steps to get them back under control

While the flexibility and new capabilities are great, most companies end up paying more than first planned when embarking on their cloud journey. Provisioning cloud infrastructure is so easy that we often end up getting more than we really need


Returning the Power of Data to the People

Will giving the data ownership rights to consumer result in a new level of value creation? Eventually.


The digital enterprise and the age of platforms

The information system landscape has to move from a collection of dedicated applications supporting the business activities to a set of digital platforms integrating agile business services.


Great AI PoCs but no value? How to productise AI developments?

AI is already here with many proven applications and live systems. Still, most companies struggle with going beyond pilots and PoCs in their own organization and deliver AI value in production.